Pennsylvania State Inspections

Pennsylvania State Inspections in Parkesburg, PA

Don’t Forget Your Annual Vehicle Inspection and Emission!

Why Do I Need a Vehicle Inspection?

Premier Automotive Services is a certified PennDOT inspection station servicing Parkesburg, PA, and the surrounding areas. You may be asking, “What is the purpose of a vehicle inspection?” To promote highway safety and clean air, Pennsylvania requires a vehicle inspection and emissions test annually. Vehicle safety inspections are an essential tool in helping to prevent accidents and fatalities on the road. A PA State Inspection or PA Emissions Inspection identifies and removes unsafe vehicles from the road to help avoid accidents. A Pennsylvania DOT study showed that states with vehicle inspection programs saw fewer fatal crashes than states without an official program. Additionally, the inspection program aims to keep the air clean through emission checks aimed at reducing air pollution through a more extensive federal program. In short, state inspections identify and give you peace of mind knowing unsafe vehicles are getting proper repairs. At Premier Automotive Services, our goal is to keep you, your passengers, and fellow drivers safe on the road!


What Does a Vehicle Inspection Include?

The expert mechanics at Premier Automotive Services are certified to perform PA State Inspection and PA Emissions Inspections on your vehicle. The criteria for a PA State Inspection include a series of tests for both passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks. Our expert mechanics train to perform these tests, which include inspection of exhaust systems, braking systems, electrical components, and more.

If your vehicle falls short in one of the categories, the team at Premier Automotive Services is here to help! We’ll provide you a detailed report explaining why your vehicle failed, along with options on how to make the necessary repairs. And because we are your one-stop-shop, we can make the required repairs to get your vehicle up to code at a reasonable cost - no need to drive all over town. We want to return you safely to the road as quickly as possible. Once your vehicle passes inspection, you’ll receive an inspection sticker and won’t require another inspection for a year. As a note, your car must pass inspection, or you could be fined money and have your vehicle registration renewal denied. Inspections are a state requirement in Pennsylvania, and we promise to make the inspection process hassle-free.


Schedule Your Vehicle Inspection Today!

One of the best ways to prevent a failed PA State Inspection or PA Emissions test is to follow your manufacturer’s recommended scheduled maintenance program. This simple step can save money, time, and headaches down the road. Where do you find certified technicians to help with this? Drivers in Parkesburg, PA, turn to Premier Automotive Service for routine maintenance and their PA State Inspection and PA Emissions tests. Just like your annual trip to the dentist or doctor, it’s a good idea to schedule your preventative maintenance and yearly state inspection in advance. Call us today at (610) 857-9303 to schedule your appointment with one of our friendly staff. Or feel free to stop in and see us at 1991 Valley Rd, Parkesburg, PA 19365. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.