Routine Auto Maintenance and Repairs

Care of Today Equals Car of Tomorrow

With many things in life, how well you take care of something depends upon how long it lasts and in what condition. (Think of your body, furniture, or even lawn equipment.) Likewise, the care you put into your car today translates into the vehicle lasting into tomorrow and remaining in good working order. Therefore, you should be proactive in obtaining routine maintenance services and timely repairs for your automobile. The team at Premier Automotive Services in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, is here to help you take care of your vehicle now so that it can take care of your transportation needs later.

Some Important Service and Repair Points

Although it is often repeated, the truth is that you cannot underestimate the importance of the regularly scheduled oil and filter change. Oil lubricates the moving metal components in your engine to reduce the enormous amount of friction generated during combustion. Furthermore, it absorbs some of the heat generated by the aforementioned friction, reducing the risk of warping. Finally, it grabs and holds dirt away from the parts that can do without scratching and internal sanding. Aging oil can break down, diminishing its ability to do its job. It’s also good to get the occasional tune-up. This takes care of worn out spark plugs and keeps the car performing well. Another crucial area for attention is the braking system. Obviously, brakes are key to your safety. You never want to find out you have bad brakes in an emergency. Therefore, have your braking system inspected at least once per year–more if you drive a lot of miles or under extreme conditions. Another best practice is to address issues as they arise. For instance, don’t ignore your dashboard warning lights. If the check engine light illuminates, schedule an appointment to have us check your vehicle using the OBD-II reader to generate a trouble code. The repair may be as easy as replacing a faulty gas cap that no longer fits. Or it could be a more serious issue such as an emissions system malfunction. Fixing it sooner rather than later prevents further complications. A brake light that’s on could mean something as simple as a parking brake that was left engaged, or it could signal the need for repair. The temperature warning is an immediate problem. You shouldn’t continue driving a hot car. Regardless of the issue you detect in your car’s mechanical workings, it never gets better over time. Taking care of tiny problems often prevents enormous ones.

Beyond Routine

Although your vehicle can greatly benefit from routine preventive maintenance services and repairs, your level of customer support should be beyond the ordinary. For more than a quarter century, our shop has been dedicated to trustworthy repairs and exceptional consumer service. Our name changed, but our operating principles did not. Therefore, count on Premier Automotive Services for yourself and your transportation.