Emission Inspections

Passing Emissions in Parkesburg, PA

Why Emissions Are Important

A very important question on this topic is ‘What are emissions’? Emissions are gasses and other substances released into the air, which raise the amount of pollution in our environment each year. We limit this by having drivers bring their vehicles in to get tested to see if they meet the requirements to ride without adding further risk to our air quality. Here at Premier Auto Services in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, we work hard to ensure our customers pass their emissions and understand what is required each year upon their annual check-up so they can proudly show off their new stickers on their windshield upon leaving their appointments.

Do You Qualify?

While every driver should get an inspection – believe it or not – sometimes you may not be required to depending on your car. This will vary per state and sometimes the county you live in. We recommend researching your specific county to see if inspections are necessary. Another criterion to consider is the age of your vehicle and how often you drive it. For example, if you bought your new car with under 5,000 miles on it, you will not be required to have an emissions test. If you have driven your car under 5,000 miles since your last annual emissions test or under 365 days in the calendar year, you are not required for another test. Here are three pesky things that could cause you to fail an inspection. The first would be if your Check Engine light is on or the diagnostic censor shows up without the light having any illumination on the dashboard. Please check with a professional on whether you need this code to be reset in response to an error or a repair to be done so that you can pass your inspection. Next, please make sure to monitor your gas cap to ensure that there are no possibilities of leaks or debris being emitted. Sometimes there will be a recommendation to replace the entire cap, but the good news is it’s not too pricey to manage. Last, if for any reason you have failed two prior inspections despite attempted repairs and have paid up to at least $150, you are eligible for a waiver to get you back on the road.

Breathe Easy

Let us take it from here. Emissions can, at times, be a tricky subject, but we are here to help. Our doors may have been open only two years, but we offer over 25 years of experience, so you can leave feeling reassured your inspection was done with utmost care. We are a certified PennDOT station which makes us more than capable of assisting you with passing your PA Emissions and PA State Inspections. Please visit our website, call us, or stop by to book your appointment so we can make your car environmentally friendly and safe while on the road.